case study

Natural grasscloth wallpaper installation in the residential dining area

About the customer

At Wall Prodecor, we had the opportunity to bring sophistication and warmth to a residential dining area. Our assignment involved installing premium natural grasscloth wallpaper to create an environment of elegance and timeless style. The customer, a homeowner with a penchant for classic design, desired to elevate their dining space’s aesthetic. They envisioned a design that complements their existing decor.

Project summary

Our craftsmen embarked on the task with precision and care. The challenge was to deliver a wallpaper installation that capitalizes on the room’s high ceilings, creating a striking visual impact without overwhelming the space. The material needed to be not just visually appealing, but also durable and able to withstand the hustle and bustle of a busy dining area. 


The site preparation was critical to ensure the grasscloth wallpaper adhered perfectly to the wall surface. Every strip of the wallpaper was meticulously installed, taking into account the room’s unique features and high ceilings. And the transformation was striking. The natural grasscloth wallpaper’s rich texture and sophistication added depth and character to the dining area. It resulted in a dining space that oozes elegance. The client reported an overwhelmingly positive response from guests who praised the room’s inviting and refined atmosphere.


Customer testimonial

Our dining area has been utterly transformed by the Wall Prodecor team. The natural grasscloth wallpaper adds a warmth and sophistication that’s truly timeless. It has turned our everyday dining experience into something exceptional. Wall Prodecor’s meticulous installation and attention to detail were truly impressive.

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