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Wallpaper installation at Palm Angels store in Miami

About the customer

Our team at Wall Prodecor was privileged to collaborate with the renowned Palm Angels Miami Clothing Store, a unique fashion brand with an unconventional aesthetic. Palm Angels, a brand born from the keen eye of a Milan-born art director and photographer, Francesco Ragazzi, initially started as a study of LA’s skater culture. This exploration eventually evolved into a distinctive clothing line in 2015. Palm Angels represents an Italian interpretation of American culture and subcultures, merging sartorial codes and fabric appreciation with a propensity for utilizing clothing as identity markers and cultural indicators. The Miami store, like the brand itself, seeks to push the boundaries of traditional fashion retail aesthetics.

Project summary

Palm Angels Miami sought to revamp their interior aesthetics to further amplify their brand message. The existing wall coverings did not resonate with their vision, lacking the necessary durability and compelling visuals integral to their unique brand identity. This project involved replacing the store’s existing wall coverings with new, innovative wallpaper designs that would better embody the brand’s ethos. The task was to install a new wallpaper design that could withstand a high-traffic retail environment while encapsulating the spirit of the Palm Angels brand.


The completed project dramatically enhanced the visual appeal of the Palm Angels Miami Clothing Store. We chose wallpaper that reflected the brand’s edgy aesthetic and was made from durable materials to withstand the demands of a bustling retail store. Our team began with thorough site preparation, ensuring a clean and smooth surface for the wallpaper application. The wallpaper’s resilience in the high-traffic store also affirmed our choice of materials, ensuring the longevity of the installation. 


Customer testimonial

Wall Prodecor has exceeded our expectations with their extraordinary work. The new wallpaper truly embodies our brand, creating an immersive shopping experience that our customers love. Their professionalism and attention to detail were apparent throughout the entire process, and the results speak for themselves.

Store Manager
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