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Wallpaper installation in the ladies' and men's bathrooms at LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort in Naples

About the customer

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort is an upscale beachfront hotel known for its luxurious setting and beautiful coastal views. After suffering severe damage in the 2022 hurricane, La Playa embarked on a comprehensive restoration process, intending to restore its original elegance and enhance its unique interior aesthetics.

Project summary

We worked with Burke Construction Group to help La Playa regain its pre-storm grandeur. This time, the focus was on rejuvenating the ladies and men’s bathrooms, which had been significantly affected by the hurricane. The project entailed removing the damaged wall coverings and replacing them with new wallpaper that would echo the hotel’s classy charm. The task required careful selection and installation of the wallpaper to ensure durability and maintain the sophisticated atmosphere that La Playa is known for.


The refurbished bathrooms at La Playa exude elegance and sophistication, thanks to the careful selection and meticulous installation of new wallpapers. Our team started with comprehensive site preparation, making sure the walls were clean and smooth for the wallpaper application. We chose wallpaper materials that were not only resilient to moisture and humidity but also resonated with the hotel’s luxurious aesthetic. The wallpapers are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to wear and tear, even in the high-traffic areas of the hotel, confirming the value of our careful material selection process.


Customer testimonial

The team at Wall Prodecor has done a fantastic job restoring the bathrooms at La Playa. The selection and installation of the new wallpaper have significantly uplifted the atmosphere. Their exceptional professionalism and attention to detail made the restoration process smooth and hassle-free.

Project Manager
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